Network running Netware 6.5sp2.

If I install the DNSDHCP Console onto a Windows 2000 workstation (I've tried
this on several computers), I can run the program, but when I exit it causes
the computer to perform a memory dump and reboot. Essentially, it crashes
the computer on exit.

If I install the console on the Windows 98 workstation that I generally use
for managing my network, it allows me into the program, and I can move
around between the DNS and the DHCP screens for a couple of minutes, then
the program hangs the computer and I have to press the restart button to get
it going again.

My questions are:
1) Any suggestions as to why the program causes Windows 2000 Professional
systems to crash upon exit?

2) The Console appears to be a java app. If I'm running it on a Windows 98
SE system, is there a particular version of java I should, or shouldn't
have, running on said system in order to get the console to work?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions