I'm new to DNS setup and need help sorting through a puzzle. Our
organization has several sites, all on public addressing provided
through a parent organization who serves as ISP. DNS service in the
past has been provided in the parent organization, with simple caching
servers on our end. We recently added a financial app requiring a
Win2003 server and SQL back end, so are starting to set up AD and will
need DDNS to do so. The Win2003 machines will be in the same address
range as our NW servers. Our parent organization owns our addressing
and domain names and will not allow us to become primary for our
domains, but will allow us to be designated secondary for our domains.
We are also looking in the future to put eDir on the Win2003 servers.
I'm trying to sort out how to provide DDNS when we are not primary for
our domains. Is it possible to do this using the DNS servers in our
existing tree, or will I need to set up a non-NetWare (or a NetWare
server in a separate tree) to handle DDNS? Appreciate any advice you
can lend, Thanks.