Not sure if this is the right forum so apologies in advance...

We have a NW6.5 network with 2 remote sites connected to us with
Bordermanager site-to-site VPN tunnels. All was well.

We have a Groupiwse server which has the GW Webaccess wep page runing
on it. (Internel IP Address

We used to have an NT box that ran our company web page. We just got
rid of that and moved the web site to the same server as the GW
webmail page. Same IP Addresses.

Prior to the move everyone everywhere could get to the web site and
the GW web page.

Now, external users can get to all services just fine but the remote
sites can't see the new company web page on the GW server.

We don't do our own DNS - we use an external service. I checked our
DNS records and the records look right.

Any ideas as to what's going on? Could it just be the remote sites
have a bunch of old stuff in their proxy cache and I just need to
restart their BorderManager servers?