Netware 6.5 Sp2. Netware DHCP & DNS running on this box. All workstations,
print servers, etc. log into this server. They also refer to this server for
a DHCP address.

Originally I was running the DNS/DCHP server on a Netware 5.1 box, but that
box is now gone and the DNS/DHCP services were recreated on the new server.
Things were going OK, but yesterday I noticed a problem. I have a print
server that receives an IP from the DHCP server, but the assigned IP is not
registered. That is, if I go into the DNS/DHCP console and look for the IP
address I know has been assigned to the print server, it's not listed.

Some things I noticed while looking around my configuration.
1) The setting for DNS Zone for Dynamic Update is set to None and there is
no other option.
2) Under Root Server Info the Authoritative DNS Server is set to nothing.
All other DNS objects refer to a, say, "Z1-DNS" DNS Server.

Suggestions as to whats going on?

BTW, under Netware 5.1 whenever a client accessed the DNS server for an
address it would display that request on the Netware server console. Any way
to get 6.5 to do the same?