I'm running DHCP on a NW 6 sp3 server. DHCP.NLM is version 3.12.06

My clients are W2K and XPsp2. Some of my clients are having problems renewing IPs. We've found an MS artilce (835304) that refers to a setting on the DHCP server that may cause this issue. The setting is that "The non-Microsoft DHCP server is configured to ignore "duplicate" DHCP discover messages". The clients have errors in their system logs showing the DHCP server is not renewing there address when their lease expires. I believe a manual release/renew does the trick most of the time.

My question is, is there a way to configure the Novell DHCP server to not ignore duplicate DHCP discover messages?

(I've moving off of Novell all together is a few weeks so I'd like to avoid having to install patches or updates that may cause other problems)