How do you change the dns name on a Netware 6.5 server. (i.e. I wish to
change the dns from to

Do follow these steps from the Novell support site?

To change the domain name of a DNS server do the following:

1. <load unicon> <manage services> <DNS> Save DNS master to text
files. This will create2 files in the SYS\ETC\DBSOURCE\DNS directory. (hosts
and xtrainfo.dns)

2. Delete the SYS\ETC\DBSOURCE\DNS\xtrainfo.dns file

3. Initialize DNS master database. This will prompt you for a domain
name. Enter the new domain name, press Enter, then ESC. You will be asked if
you want DNS service for specific subnetworks (y/n) then prompted to
initialize DNS database yes or no. Choose yes. You will next need to remove
the local nameservers old database, answer yes at this prompt.

4. The ns and mx records will need to be re-created from the manage
master database option in Administer DNS as these records will not be
re-created in the initialize process.