While installing an OES Netware (65sp3) server into our nw60 tree we
went through the Deployment Manager and extended the schema. After
that we are no longer able to get into DNSDHCP Console (any version,
incl v4). We get the error ENDS26 - "Cannot find DNSDHCP locator
object. The DNSDHCP Schema may not be installed properly."

In NWAdmin we can see the DNSDHCP Locator object in the O= context..
The help details on that error indicate we should run DNIPINST.NLM on
the server. When we look at the options for that, we see various
command line options (-F, -R) and we're confused about what to do
next.. When they say run DNIPINST on the server, we cannot do it on
the OES server because that is not yet installed. Will one of the
60sp5 servers work for that? If so, does that affect the schema that
was extended for OES?

One suggestion in the readme for DNSDHCP Console 4 to increase startup
speed says to start the console with the command line -C parameter,
indicating the location of the DNSDHCP Locator Object. When we do
that, the console starts, but the DNS and DHCP tabs are empty except
for their "All Zones" and "Our Network" entries.

DNSDHCP appears to be working so we don't want to break anything but
we don't know what would happen if we actually restart DNS or DHCP on
the servers.

What would have caused extending the schema for 65 to break this?