The subject doesn't quite cut it, but I'll explain what I've got going
on here.

We have a Netware 5.1 SP7 server running DNS (5.12e) and DHCP (3.13c)
for a school. They both load up just fine on the netware server and
run and run and run.

Awhile back (like maybe 6+ months ago) DNS stopped functioning
correctly. By that I mean the DNS IP address is what the workstations
would use to resolve DNS. It was the only one they would use to
resolve DNS.

DNS would function for about a week or so and then stop functioning
correctly for the workstations. It would no longer resolve anything
outside the Internet, like They could ping the addresses,
but not by names.

Most times unloading and reloading NAMED would not cut it. We would
have to reboot the server and then it would finally start working
again. Kinda strange. Plus, I've never once had problems with
Novell's DNS, period. We have about 6 other schools in the district
that run the same way (all in their own tree - it's a long story) with
their own DNS entries at each site and we don't have this problem.

And...the XP workstations (in the LMC only) are "losing" their DNS
information. I mean, they still have the DNS server in their config;
it's just that it stops resolving internal host names for them. And
why this is happening in just one area is beyond me. For instance,
we'll use iPrint to print to printers in the LMC. All of a sudden
clients will not be able to print to these printers - some of them.
There are 2 HP printers in the LMC. Maybe 3 or 4 workstations will
stop printing to it. All other machines in the building can - XP or
98 workstations.

If I go to the workstations having the problem, they cannot PING the
name of the server, but they can ping the address of the server,
printer, etc. So I run "ipconfig /renew" and then they can ping the
server by name again and everything returns to normal.

We use iPrint in 2 other labs and they never have this problem.

What I have done to band-aid this behavior is make an app that
silently runs the "ipconfig /renew" command whenever anyone logs into
the network. This has taken care of the printing issues (so far) in
the LMC, but isn't a solution I care to leave in place. I'd really
like to know why this is happening.

The workstations will also not be able to ping other named resources
on the network that DNS handles. No workstation names are resolved,
yet pinging from other rooms and the server gives great results.
Renew the IP information and all is well again. The renew has to be
forced. Rebooting the machines don't take care of this issue.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe something I should try?

Thanx for any thoughts!