Had a NW6.0 server named FS02 with servered as a Secondary DNS server for
this domain. (I am actually seeing the error on two domains which are
secondarys) This server also hosts many primary domains.

During the upgrade I changed the name to FS01 (same IP). I then changed the
NS records in the secondary domains (on the primary servers) to the new name
and deleted/created a new DNS server.

Afterwords I started seeing problems right away. I was getting the errors
critical: Unable to access RootServerInfo Object
critical: ... getting RootServerInfo fdn with error 25
I found the TID 10088919 about using DNIPINST -F but that did not help, it
was not until I installed the patch dns603f.exe that those errors went away.
Weird since the patch was intended for NW6.5sp2 not OES, but that is another
(P.S. I noticed that in NW6.5.3 the named.nlm console was named "DNS Server"
while after the patch it reverted back to "Named")

While the patch above fixed the critial errors, it did not solve these
error: socket.c:3214: unexpected error:
error: internal_connect: connect() Software caused connection abort
error: transfer of 'galileo.com/IN' from failed to
connect: unexpected error

The zone transfers for the secondary dns domains are failing. Nothing has
changed except the server name and OS version.

I was using the DNS/DHCP Console to Administer the system before the
upgrade, I am now using iManager 2.5.

I have looked at every option I can find, nothing. Any ideas?