My question stems from information in Tid#10090272 where there is a strong
warning against running DNIPINST-R from a NW6.5 server.
The warning is that all "group objects" will be removed from the tree.
I need to delete and move the DNS-DHCP Group Object and recreate the
deleted DNS-DHCP Locator Object and the RootServerInfo Object.
The above Tid outlines the steps to do this work.
Tid# 10090165 states that this problem has been fixed in DNIPINST
ver.6.01.00 and above. Has anyone done this work successfully using the
the lastest DNIPINST 6.02.00? If so are there any tips or caveats?

Also, I am servicing seven OU's across a WAN and wonder if it would be a
good idea to create these objects at the O level (rather than the OU for
main LAN site).

Harrel Clark