we have a number of employees who 'need' to use IM, and at the same time I have regs which state I have to log everything. Configuring all the clients is no fun (and can be easily broken) so what I would like to do is create entries in my internal DNS for login.oscar.aol.com and others pointing to my IM proxy server. I don't want to break anything at the AOL.com domain, just snag the IM clients. All of our client PC's point to our internal DNS servers. I could push a host file update out w/zen, but would prefer something more 'central' and also something that is (hopefully) harder to tamper with.

What I think I should do is:
1 - create a new zone: oscar.aol.com and make my internal DNS server the authoritative server for the zone.
2 - create an A record for login.oscar.aol.com and point it at my IM proxy server

Does this look right?