Netware 5.1, sp7. DHCP 3.13c. Windows XP sp2, Netware Client 4.90 sp2 and
4.83 sp1. The Netware server has 3 segments. Segment 3 is connected to the

We are trying to roll out new XP boxes built from a single image that was
tested with no problems. The first 2 imaged and delivered we had no
problems with - one was connected to segment 3 and one connected to segment
2. They found the Internet, IP address assignment, etc. Since then, we have
had most machines NOT pick up an IP address from the server if connected
via segment 1 or 3. Most times, those boxes will be ok if we put them on
segment 2, but segment 1 and 3 never work. If you switch the computer to
segment 2, then it's fine. If we assign a static IP address on Segment 1
and 3, everything works. We tried rebooting the server and the switches, no go.

We have about 100 Win2000 machines split between the 3 segments that don't
have a problem, so we know it's not a switch issue (HP Procurve 4000M's)
and don't think it's a server issue. We have tried new cables, swapping
ports on the same switch (thinking a port was dead), upgrading (patching)
the clients, back-revving the clients, patching TCP on the server, etc.
with no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. We need to get these machines out and
can't if they can't connect to the Internet.