Confused about what tool to use when creating /modifing etc the eDIR
information regarding Locater object etc. (OU's and Leaf obj) Do we still
use the Jave utility from the 6.5 Server PUBLIC\DNSDHCP\SETUP.EXE (used
this to replace older Java management utility as a newer verion is in this
dir) or should we use iManager V2.5 for doing all of the DNS DHCP functions.
Here is the situation; I upgraded a Primary DNS/DNCP server from NW6sp5 to
OES 6.5sp3 using Migrate V8 utilty; I built a migation server (stripped
down NW6.5 box) normal upgrade no major problems. After migration I
installed the DNS/DHCP server options from the gui install screen and
bounced the server. When using Imanager 2.5 I can't get the DNS or DHCP
functions to see their respective servers using view/modify or any of the
function in DNS DHCP Roles and Tasks dosent show any servers, inaadrarpa
subnets or zones; etc. After a while the primary DNS server (oes 6.5)
service's stopped working, I then had to make the secondary NW6.0sp3 box
the primary and once that was done DNS worked. WE now have two DHCP
services on seperate box's and one of them is running as the primary DNS
Named on NW6.0 sp3.
Question is it best to recreate the entire DNS and DHCP (everything)when
doing a 6.0 to 6.5 server upgrade; by the way the eDIR on all servers is (version x.x.x.5 on OES) We have SLP setup, host files and
resolve.cfg are all the same on all servers.
Thanks to all for any thoughts -