I am running a NetWare 5.1 SP8 single server. DNS/DHCP is running with
Dynamic DNS, DHCPSRVR.NLM v3.13.05 Oct. 25, 2004 and NAMED.NLM v5.12.06
Jan. 7, 2005, eDirectory Everything seems to be set up correctly
in DNS and DHCP, with the assignment range for the dynamic clients in the to range. However, somehow there is an
address,, showing up in red in the DHCP list for which
everything in the right pane is greyed out, and showing Assignment Type
Unauthorized, Client Identifier blank, MAC Type FF Any, and MAC Address
and Hostname blank. When I highlight the IP address and click on delete, I
get a warning message that says "Deleteion may cause an inconsistent
server view of the data if server is up. It is advisable to unload the
DHCP services (DHCPSRVR.NLM) on any servers managing data for this object
before continuing. Are you sure you want to delete"

When I look at the connections in Monitor on the server, there is no
connection showing IP address Does this mean it will be OK
to go ahead and delete this entry in the DHCP table, or is there some
other place where I should check the status before I delete this IP

Thanks for any suggestions...

Bob Porter