I am having some DNS issues when trying to install Zen for Servers on a
couple of servers, so I've posted this in the DNS group too.

DNS server is running on a Netware 6.5 SP3 server. Forward and reverse name
resolution seems to be working fine, other than when I try and install ZfS,
and it complains about not being able to resolve the names for
JOLLY3.servers.jolly.cei and ICC3.servers.icc.cei, which is hardly
surprising, as these and the NDS names for the servers, and not the DNS
names. There were a couple of other servers in the install (BRAIN and
MINERVA), but there is no error for those.

Now..... MINERVA and BRAIN are in the ceicmhb DNS zone... ICC3 is in
icc.ceicmhb, JOLLY3 is in jolly.ceicmhb. My workstation is in

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : PC2380
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . : cei-dom.ceicmhb
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : jolly.ceicmhb

Ive checked the server etc/hostname files, and they look to be fine. The
hosts file on all the servers seem to be fine. SLP.CFG file also looks to be
fine. On my workstation I can do a forward NSLOOKUP for the servers. I can
do a NSLOOKUP for, and it returns
jolly3.jolly.ceicmhb (IP address is
also returns the name for icc3.jolly.ceicmhb (IP address

A ping -a also works to resolve the addresses. I've tried deleting the
server A records and re-creating them. I've cleared the cache on my XP box,
and I am still unable to get ZfS to install.

The last time we installed ZfS, would have been when our DNS server was
running on a 5.1 server, and now we're on a 6.5, and of course BIND is much
more stringent now, so there may well be something in DNS that needs to be
looked at.

I've found a couple of TIDs that go thru how to change the incorrect
settings so that the distributer and subscriber will work, but I'd much
rather fix the initial base problem - particularly since we'll want to move
our MAD over to the Novell DNS server rather than the MS one.