I have two Netware 6.5 servers, one of which is running DNS/DHCP. Every so
often a device on the network, a print server box for instance, will be
restarted and through DHCP assigned a new IP. Sitting at any workstation
connected to the network, if I now ping the device in question using the dns
name, I get the correct IP address. However, if I sit down at either of the
Netware server's and enter the dns name for this device, I will get the old
IP address. Using the DNS/DHCP console I confirm that the resource record
name for this device is assigned the correct IP.

In short, the DNS server records and advertises the correct address to other
workstations on the network, but the Netware servers maintain the older

Unloading and reloading NAMED does NOT resolve the problem. Usually, I just
have to wait until the problem clears up by itself.

Is there a way to get a Netware server to clear what appears to be a cache
of dns names?