I have DNS running on a NW 6.5 server. I also have a BM 3.8 server handling my firewall and NAT etc. We recently changed service providers, a little more abruptly than I would have liked, but it is done. We are able to browse outside (though very slowly because of the DNS problem).

1. DNS cannot resolve external addresses.

2. The DNS server can ping other servers in the forwarding list, as can workstations.

3. NSLOOKUP on workstations cannot resolve external addresses unless an external DNS server is specified.

4. The DNS server cannot get NSLOOKUP to work no matter what server (itself, servers on the forwarding list or others) is identified.

5. I have checked the IP filters and can't see anything overt. The IP addresses in the filters were reset in the switch, unless I overlooked one somehow.

What have I done to mess this up, it was working before the provider switch, but now. . .?