I'm not sure if this is a Windows problem or a NetWare problem.

I have a server running Windows 2000sp4 server configured as primary DNS
server. This Windows server has been configured to allow dynamic updates on
both the forward and reverse lookup zones. Each zone has been configured to
allow zone transfers only to servers listed in the Name Servers list, where
both the Windows and NetWare servers names are listed.

On my NetWare 6.5sp3 server I have DNS configured as a secondary for the
same zone. In the Zone Master IP Address field, I have the IP of the
primary. Under SOA information, in the Zone Master field, I have the SOA
name for the primary zone.

Zone updates are working just as they should.

From DHCP (NetWare), the workstation is assigned the primary DNS server
listed as their preferred DNS and the secondary listed as their alternate.
The domain is also assigned to the dynamic machines and appears under both
DNS Suffix Search List, and Connection-specific DNS Suffix.

When I issue the ipconfig /registerdns command on a dynamically assigned
machine, I see that the DHCP server responds, but I can find no evidence of
the primary DNS server ever being contacted. If I change the order of the
preferred and alternate DNS servers, then issue the ipconfig /registerdns
command, the secondary DNS server reponds with an error stating that it is
"Not authoritative for update Forward zone."

With a statically assigned machine, DNS updates just as it should. One of
the main differences that I see between the ones that work and the ones that
don't is that the static machines have the domain listed as the Primary Dns
Suffix. I know of no way to have DHCP push the domain name to the Primary
Dns Suffix.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing here, or should this even work
at all?