Addmission I may have done something really stupid here. Having ftp'd the
latest /domain/named.root from Internic.net I noticed that our root server
info for b.root-servers.net was "out" ie our version was 2002 and the
latest 29/1/2004 had changed. No problem I thought, export the zone, edit
the exported file to change the outdated value from 128.something to, reimport the zone - job done. Works great except that it
removes the dnsroot entry "." with all the name server records. Ah, not
the end of the world - I'll recreate that entry with the java console. No
you can't, it will not allow you to create a host entry of . and an entry
of dnsroot is not ".". Any idea how I can recreate this entry without
having to reinstall DNS (DNIPINST -F) because that would entail a great
deal of work what with CName records etc. I can bodge round with the
\etc\dns\rootserver.dat (I'm starting to get fluent at BIND but thats not
the point).