We're using Netware DNS/DHCP with NW6.5 SP3.
Our users need to access a website that is not on the internet but is
accessible across the intRAnet via an affiliated company, who have a
5.xx.xx.xx network but access this site at (for example) via a
vpn link to a 3rd company. We're putting in a route on our network so that
any requests for the address are pointed out through the
intranet gateway to the affiliated company's 5.xx.xx.xx network, rather than
going out of our internet gateway - which is the default route for anything
not otherwise found locally.

The problem: the actual website is called vtn.vortex.co.uk. I've been asked
to create a dns entry for this that resolves to, and thus points
over to the affiliated comapny's network. However if I create this entry our
default domain name of UK.SUNCOM is automatically tagged onto it, and you
have to use vtn.vortex.co.uk.UK.SUNCOM to get it to resolve to,
otherwise it resolves to the internet address of that site.

Whatever I do I can't fix this. The pointer record created automatically in
the in.addr.arpa zone is created as vtn.vortex.co.uk.uk.sunlife i.e. with
UK.SUNCOM tagged on. If I modify it or recreate it as plain old
vtx.vortex.co.uk, it doesn't make any difference and it will still treat it
as an internet site unless I use the full vtn.vortex.co.uk.uk.suncom name.

All our servers and workstations are configured to use the UK.SUNCOM domain.
However the hosts within our network that don't insist on being called
host.UK.SUNCOM. Is this because vtx.vortex.co.uk is also a valid internet
address? (It isn't actually - real names changed to protect the innocent).

Any suggestions?

Steve Law