Reference: NetWare 6.5 SP2, eDirectory

I've enabled Dynamic DNS (DDNS) so that the machine name and associated
IP address will automatically be entered into DNS when DHCP assigns the
machine an address. To enable it, I selected my subnet, under the
'addressing' tab, I changed the DNS Zone for Dynamic Update to my domain
and I clicked the save icon. The subnet range, 'Range Type' was already
set to 'Dynamic BOOTP and DHCP'.

Unfortunately, this configuration didn't work for me. I'm receiving an
error message on the console however "Error: Cannot add FQDN: <domain>
with address: <address> to DNS server". Evidently this isn't working
because of a IN-ADDR ARPA configuration problem, as outlined in TID
10016873, "Trying to create dynamic DNS entries causes error on server
console." Problem is that after deleting and reconfiguring my IN-ADDR
ARPA zone and reloading DHCPSRVR, I still receive the message.

I am definitely not a DNS/DHCP expert (I set it up once under NetWare 5
using Joe Moore's book and it has run great for years, through all my
upgrades to 6.5 SP2). Any insight to this DDNS issue would be appreciated.


Kevin Salisbury