Here is my question and I hope this is correct in the way I ask.

I have 4 schools and a Netwre 6.0 server in each school. I want to make
another Netware Server that would strictly do DNS/DHCP and FTP. I want
this server to be the main DNS/DHCP server in the district. Now comes the
hard part. I want each school to have their own DHCP range. Can this be

I want the main server to be the boss of them I guess, but with each of
the schools I want them to get their IP's from their servers and have
them report back to the main server that I want to build.

Also I want to have the DNS throughout the district for redundancy. So if
one goes out the others will kick in. Am I going over my head? We have
one DHCP server right now and it is the High School Server. If our air
lan goes down, some of our machines loose thier IP and do not keep it
thus causing a big headache.

This is why I would like each school with their own range but still have
a main server to manage it all.

Any help on this would be greatful, or if someone could point me in the
right direction I would greatly appreciate it. School will let out in a
few weeks and I want to get a jump start on it as soon as possible.

Thank you for any help anyone can give.