i have a netware 6.5 sp3 server that currently runs dns and dhcp. the dns
zones are passive primary as two other servers run these for redundancy. i
want to use the same ip address as i know that incorrectly some items are
coded only to this server and not any secondaries.
am i correct in saying i can just unload dhcpsrvr and named. then from the
dnsdhcp console delete the dns server and the dhcp server. the scopes and
zones will then have no server alloacted to them.
remove any nds partitions from box.
remove server from tree.
install new server into tree and put any nds partitions on.
from inside dns/dhcp console create a dns server for new server and hook
the zones back on
and the same for the dhcp server.

i thought about using mig wizard but i want the box installed straight
into tree cleanly for imanage etc