Enabling DDNS and have not had any luck. I have read the TID's and the messages posted here but none have help.

I get error on the NAMED screen .....Zone not found for reverse lookup.

I have two networks that need to add records the DNS system. Running NW6.5 with SP1.

Networks are and

I have each range adding names to the zone "ddns.ourdomainname.net".

I have tried different IN-Address-ARPA zones but now have &

I also get "Cannot add FQDN:hostname.ddns.ourdomainname.net with address: to DNS server.

The dhcp log file shows:

"66 : connecting to server, port 53
ReconstructConnection: TCPConnect successful, sending first packet
Credential accepted by DNS server!!
Cannot add FQDN: hostname.ddns.ourdomainname.net with address: to DNS server.

Any help? Thanks.

Tom Winegar
Technology Systems Manager
West Ottawa Public Schools