I have two subnets, a main subnet and a separate subnet for our
wireless users (users on the wireless subnet can only access a very
limited set of services on the wired network). Currently, there is one
NetWare DHCP server on the wired subnet providing IP addresses, and
another NetWare server dual-homed to provide IP addresses to the
wireless subnet (has to be dual homed because DHCP configuration
objects are in eDirectory on main subnet). I've been asked to remove
dual homing because it will cause us problems in the future.

I understand that I need to set up a forwarder to relay DHCP requests
from the wireless network to the DHCP server on the main network.
Configuring the forwarder is easy - just point it at the DHCP server.
What I'm anxious about is whether the DHCP server on the wired network
will issue "wireless" subnet IP addresses on the wired subnet, causing
connectivity problems. How does the NetWare DHCP server "know" the
request came through from the forwarder, and to issue IP addresses from
the "wireless" subnet address pool to the forwarded request? I can't
seem to find anything to configure the NetWare DHCP server to expect
requests from the forwarder and to issue leases from the wireless
subnet pool to these requests.

Hope I'm making sense. There's lots of talk about subnet pools and
VLANs in the docs, which at first glance appears relevant but I've got
a feeling is a red herring.

Kind regards,