on my named screen, i am getting:
error: client update 'corp.arig.com/IN' denied

and sometimes it would say
error: client update '11.10.172.IN-ADDR>ARPA/IN' denied

I read a few posts and realized I didn't have either a dns zone for dynamic updates specified in my subnets, nor anything in control lists | allow update in my zones. I read that having something in both places would be redundant and possibly not advised. So I chose to have my dhcp subnets update my dns zones.

That brings me to a problem:
I have one subnet that has 2 zones in it. I do not want to specify one zone to update, because then some records could potentially be in the wrong zone then, correct?

I am still getting errors on my named screen - but is it safe to assume this is normal since I am not having clients update dns? Its bothersome because its something new that is happening which wasn't happening before, but i'll get over it :-)

ps. what and where is DHCP SAR (read in a post from bd) said it should be set to "always update"