I am running a NAted LAN (NW6 SP4) behind a BM3.8 SP3 firewall. I have
DNS for the local LAN running on a NW6 SP4 server other than the BM
server. This server handles DNS for the private LAN, and has the ISPs
DNS server addresses in the forwarding list. All clients on the LAN use
the local DNS server for DNS, and access the web through the BM proxy.

This has worked well for ages, but suddenly this week, Internet host
names stopped resolving.

The only way that I have been able to overcome this is to set the BM
server resolv.cfg file with the ISP DNS names at the top of the list and
the local DNS server at the bottom.

However, it now tries to resolve some local hosts to the public IPs, and
this causes problems for some reason. But the big problem is that the
DNS requests no longer seem to be getting forwarded to the ISP resolvers.

Any suggestions on this anyone?


Ken McLeod
Sheridan, OR