I run 6.5.3 (just upgraded a week ago) - I have my primary domain and I do
xfers from my sister school for the secondary domain. I have an entry (MX
& A record) in the secondary domin for the email server at the sister
school. Today I had complaints that email is not going to the sister
school, I do an "nslookup on the address of the sister email server on my
workstation. I get:
C:\Documents and Settings\rjm>nslookup
Server: MyDnsServerName.my.domain.com

*** MyDnsServerName.my.domain.com can't find Non-existent

The MX & A record (for the sister email server)are clearly in the
secondary doamin - why can't I get an nslookup on it - this is the reason
the mail in not being sent - it dosen't know where to go.

I tried to make an "A" record for the sister school email server in my
primary domain but when I put the name of the server in MY dsn server
wants to attach my domain to it, the domain portion of the record is not
changeable, it is grayed out - Any help would be appreciated - RJM