have a NW6.5 sp3 server running named 6.04.10,
if i use the management console(installed from the 6.5 server) or iManager
(running on the 6.5 server)to create a A record for a zone(the 6.5 server
is the master) it shows the entry but i cannot ping and the entry does
not show up in nslookup,if i wait a bit the entry only shows up in the
nslookup of the passive primary servers(6.0 sp5 servers running named
5.12.06) but not in the designated primary?In fact it never shows up.As
soon as i delete it, it is gone.I know my primary connection is to the
DNS server who also holds all our master replicas. This happens
sporadically like every other entry.
I used to have the DNS on one of the 6.0 servers but changed everything
to the 6.5 to take advantage of the better bind.My synchronization seems
to be okay i dont see any errors?Anyone have any ideas?