We used to use the BOOTPFWD nlm to allow DHCP requests to go from one
segment to another through our Novell servers. Need to use it again now
on a 6.5 server, but it doesn't seem to be working.

We had been issuing DHCP locally at this remote site, but are trying to
use a different DHCP server at our downtown office. The local network
is Token-Ring, but there is an ethernet NIC in the server, and IP Packet
Forwarding is enabled. We have also put a "helper" address in the
ethernet switch that connects that site to our downtown office.

As per TID 10021712, I load the NLM followed by the IP address of the
DHCP server which is to issue the IP addresses. I get a "Loading module
BOOTPFWD.NLM" msg and a green "OK" in square brackets on the console
screen. But a "modules boot*" command lists no modules loaded.

When we release/renew, the workstations are getting a "No DHCP server
available" message, then we have to configure them with a static IP. On
other wkstns where we have not done a release/renew, their dynamic
leases are not being updated.

The BOOTPFWD NLM (dated 1998!) came with NW 6.5, so I am assuming it's
supposed to work with 6.5.


Thanks, Dave Olson