we have a mixed NW5.1sp8 and NW6.0sp1 environment. We are running DHCP
(dhcpsrvr.nlm v.3.13e) and DNS (named.nlm v.5.12f) on one of the NW5.1 servers.
Recently the DNS started having problems.

Sometimes a Resource Record recently created (both directly and with
Dynamic Update) shows up with a name like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and so on. All
these RR's are numbered consecutively as half decimals. This happens only
for some of the records, the other show up with their proper name.

Looking at the object properties in ConsoleOne, it appears that these RR's
have TWO common names - one like "jbrown" (correct) and the other like 0.5.
I tried to rename these objects but after few seconds they get renamed back
as 0.5 (or other x.5 numbers).
The DNS resolves these records correctly - i.e. "nslookup jbrown" yelds the
correct result.
The total number of the misnamed objects grows in time.
Occasionally the server display the error message: "Cannot update NDS
against an entry within subnet: ETHER_CLASS_A.BREVINIRE.BREVINI" but I am
unable to relate this errmsg with the previously described problem. Also,
sometimes a .BAK file (either dhcpdns.bak, dhcptran.bak, dhcploc.bak or
dhcplog.bak) appears in the server/SYS:DHCP folder.

All these problems started after the installation of SP8 for NW5.1,
although I cannot relate directly this event to the problems.

Searched all the knowledge base, but to no avail.

I strongly hope for help. Thank you

Lucio Mazzi
Brevini Riduttori SpA, Italy