We're on NW6.5 SP3.. We have 2 windows servers running databases that we
want users to access in a load-balanced manner. We've created a round-robin
dns entry called 'Transformprod' which has the ip addresses of both servers
associated with it, and it randomly responds either one or the other. This
works well.

However a windows backup server running Legato which tries to backup the
servers themselves sometimes runs into an issue where it tries to backup one
of the servers but ends up trying to connect to 'Transformprod' instead, and
fails. I'm guessing that it tries to connect to one of the servers (e.g.
W2Sunbpp02), performs an nslookup to get the ip address but somehow gets
Transformprod in the response instead of the actual server name.

If I perform nslookups on one of the servers addresses, I sometimes get the
actual servername, sometimes Transformprod. I'd expect to get both, ideally
first the actual server then the Transformprod name afterwards.

Could this be because Transformprod comes first alphabetically in the zone?
Or because the reverse lookup entry lists Transformprod first, then the
server name?

Any suggestions?

Steve Law