What is the recommended configuration, including for redundancy

Netware - 5.1 server, will be adding a netware 6.5 server and later to
upgarde 5.1 server

Windows 2003 AD Domain Controller and Citrix Box
2 more 2003 servers (new to system)

DHCP on 5.1 server, no DNS server

DNS was not originally configured on Win2003 Citrix box/AD controller

Have now added DNS on Win2003 Citrix box/AD controller box.

It appears based on others, that we should not add DNS to netware until
we add the 6.5 box and have it do the DNS. At that point, should DHCP
provide the first DNS as the windows 2003 DNS and then netware DNS.

For DHCP, it is on the netware server. Should we leave it there?
Should it provide static IP's to windows servers via manual mode. We
were having speed issues for login when manually configured in windows
TCP configuration.

How do you configure the DNS redundancy for windows, then netware, or
should we just have 2 windows DNS servers.