We have a windows 2003 server getting a static IP address via netware
5.1 DHCP, under a manual IP address setting attached to the MAC address.
DNS is pointing to another windows 2003 DNS server which is also the
domain controller. DHCP has been on 5.1 server for years. When we
configured the manual IP address to have a permanent lease, the windows
2003 server would loose its lease constantly every few seconds and then
reconnect. It never would get the gateway address of When
we changed it to a set period, first 4 days, then 5 months, then the
continual disconnect/reconnect disappeared.

What is wrong with this permanent setting. It is the same on the
win2003 server/AD domain controller/Citriox box and it works without
problem. We had a similar connect/disconnect when the Citrix was
originally setup but don't know how the problem was resolved. It had
thought that going from manual setup to DHCP provided address resolved
the problem, but that is the opposite of the current problems.

Thanks. Cliff.