I have built a new server nw6.5sp3 and transferred dnsdhcp to it. Did an
export/import and then massaged the content. Mostly the nameserver did not
auto-adjust under each zone in the @ record.

Now ping does not work on the LAN as expected.
- If I have an A record for a name ping returns the correct server IP.
- If I add test as a CNAME for the server it fails - 'unknown host test'
ditto ping test.DomainName
On the new dns server ping for test gives:
Could not understand "test" as a host name or address. Please make sure
NETDB.NLM is loaded and SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG is configured correctly.
Netdb is loaded and the resolv.cfg has a line for the server only.
So it seems the server cannot 'see' its own dns service?
- with the desired cnames as A records the ping -a IP returns the first A
record [alphanumeric] in the in-addr-arpa which is not desired either...

I have stopped and restarted named after each change before pinging. Also
rebooted my PC for the tests.

Could it be named v6.04.10 January 12, 2005 needs something as the command
line switches are now different?

I have ZfD6.5sp1 on this server. Had to adjust DHCP for PDHCP per tid
10069274. DHCP now seems OK, but will check further...

Nothing I have read so far seems to help.
Assistance appreciated - thanks.