I need to assign rights to administer dhcp (read/write/create/delete - basically they should be able to do everything for our subnets that I can do as an admin equivalent). I read TID 10025896 and 2941329 but that did not solve the problem. They get an error saying they don't have sufficient rights whenever they try to suspend and restart the dhcp service from the dns/dhcp management console. The rights they have now are assigned via an organizational role object to the container which houses the locator object, the rootserver info object, the dnsdhcp-group object, and the subnet objects:

entry rights: Sup, browse, create, rename, delete (inheritable)
all attribute rights: Sup, compare, read, write, add self (inheritable)

We're running:
mix of netware 5.1 sp8, 6.5 sp3 (dhcpsrvr.nlm is running on a netware 5.1sp8 box)

workstations are win xp, ntclient 4.91 with all latest patches

Any help would be most appreciated.