We are moving from a 172.16. network to a 10. network. I have created my
new 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 address ranges and assigned them to the same server
and pool as my 172.16 addresses.
On my layer 3 switch I have created my VLANS and used the IP-Helper setting
to point to the DHCP server. I have the default vlan as the 172.16 network.
I have the port the DHCP server is connected to set as untagged for the
172.16 network and tagged for the 10 networks. I have the port the
workstation is connected to untagged on the first 10 network. (Untagged
means the port is assigned to that vlan and tagged means the port forwards
information from the tagged vlan).
If I assign a static IP address to the workstation I can ping the gateway
address of the vlan. I cannot ping the dhcp server. When I try to set the
client to dhcp it cannot find the dhcp server.
One note is that I do not run a Novell DNS server, just the Novell DHCP
server. Not sure if that means anything but I thought I read something
about the DNS server needing to be authoritative. Since I don't use one I
didn't think this applied.
Any help on what I did wrong would be greatly appreciated.