I have two Netware 6.0 server's. One is the INT server and one is the
FIL server. I have DHCP service running on both servers. I am going to
rebuild the INT server and I just want the FIL server to have DHCP.
There is a range of addresses that the INT server pushes out through
DHCP. I go into the DNS/DHCP Management Console and go to DHCP services
and select that range and switch from INT to FIL. After doing so I
unload/reload DHCPSRVR on the FIL server and just unload on the INT
server, since I won't be needing it anymore. After doing that I go to
one of the machine in the network and do an ipconfig /release then
a /renew and it doesn't give me an IP address. I don't really know what
to do from here. Any suggestions. Thanks

Jason Roggentien