I am attempting to install DNS on a Netware OES server with some legacy
Netware servers still in the tree. I have installed DNS/DHCP on the
Netware OES, however this has failed to create the locator object in the

While browsing the tree I can see that some DNS information does exist
such as forward zones, RootServInfo, reverse zones. Everything except
the locater object. I believe these may be in the tree from a DNS setup
some time ago. Despite this service no-longer running on netware the
objects are still existent in the tree. My role is to get this back up
and running.

From reading the manual DNIPINST seems to be the solution.

However I have read various knowledge base articles instructing me to
stay away from using DNIPINST -r. Apparently this has the potential to
delete more than it should.

This information is very conflicting. Can anyone assist me with this?