A friend made me aware of this today. (Sorry I don't read/post to the forums anymore, so maybe someone has already posted this), but if anyone is not aware of this, in NetWare® 6.5SP3 you can now delete Empty Resource Records:

This utility must be executed on a NetWare 6.5 SP3 machine in the eDirectory tree. The usage of the utility is specified below.
dnsmaint -User [-Password] [-Zonelist] [-LocatorObject] [-NotUsedSince]
The command line options are listed in the table below:
-UserRefers to the FQDN of the eDirectory user.
-PasswordeDirectory password of the user. Can be passed either as a command line parameter or can be entered later at the password prompt, when the utility is run.
-ZoneListeDirectory FDQNs of the list of zones to be processed. Replace all occurrences of dot '.' in zone name with underscore '_'.
Zone names must be separated by a semicolon(;).
If this option is missing, LocatorObject must be specified.
-LocatorObjecteDirectory FQDN of the DNS locator object.
This option must be used only if -Zonelist option is not specified.
-NotUsedSinceEmpty RR's not used since the specified number of days are deleted.
By default all the empty RRs are deleted.
Any number between 1 and 360 can be used.

For all the samples, it is assumed that the eDirectory distinguished name of DNS locator object is dns-dhcp.novell.
To delete all the empty Rrs from all the zones in the eDirectory tree.
dnsmaint -User:admin.novell -Password:novell -LocatorObject:.dns-dhcp.novell
To delete all the empty RRs not used since 3 days, from all the zones.
dnsmaint -User:admin.novell -Password:novell -LocatorObject:.dns-dhcp.novell -NotUsedSince:3
To delete all empty RRs from the zone which is under eDirectory context dns-zones.
dnsmaint -User:admin.novell -Password:novell Zonelist:blr_novell_com.dns-zones
NOTE: All the '.' (dots) in the zone name are replaced with '_'(underscores).
To delete empty RRs not used since 5 days from the zone 155.72.143.IN-ADDR.ARPA which is under eDirectory context novell.
dnsmaint -User:admin.novell -Password:novell -Zonelist:155_99_164_IN-ADDR_ARPA.novell -NotUsedSince:5