We have no internal DNS, relying instead on an ISP. We have a DHCP
server for our 475 workstations, with NW6.5.
We are adding a win2003 server to house the Surfcontrol Enterprise
Threat Shield filtering system. Surfcontrol says it requires access to
DNS to get workstation names and IP addresses so win2003server can load
and update the client part of the app.
My questions are:
1) Can the Netware DNS server be set up to get the Workstation names
from eDirectory, which has name and IP courtesy of Zen for Desktops? Or
another way?
2) Can the DNS server get automatically populated with the
ever-changing workstation IP addresses, also from eDir? or elsewhere?

A separate kind of question, because neither the vendor nor I know much
about Win2003server, could it be that w2003server itself, without a DNS
server, get to eDir for w/s name and IP, which are already nicely there?

Any thoughts on other approaches to solving this problem?

Thanks very much.