Hello: Just finished upgrading a NW6.0sp5 server to OES/NW. THe
server was setup as a DNS server. When the server first loaded after
the upgrade named through a ton of errors. I basically deleted all dns
from the tree and recreated (we have a small system so it did not take

Now with the new setup named loads without error on the upgraded server
but seems to not respond with queries from clients. It just sits
there. Meanwhile, our second dns server (still running NW6.0) is
working fine.

The new dns system created a RootServerInfo zone which appears to
contain the 13 internet root servers. Why this is here god only knows.
I just want to answer dns queries and forward on up to my ISPs dns
servers when not found.

Is there a new DNS setup howto geared towards OES/NW?? Suggestions
always appreciated, Chris.