I would like to be able to set up multiple dns zones for the same domain, even if I have to put each in it's own subcontainer.

So for example



mycompany.com would be a zone in each of the above containers. I would assign some servers to service the zone in local, and other servers to service the zone in public. The latter would be authoritative for mycompany.com in the outside world.


I would like to be able to enter multiple dns records for a specific host and have the server resolve the name based on the source address of the query.

ex. smtp.mycompany.com has 2 "A" records, and
(in this example, the cidr notation would guide the resolution such that:

a query coming from any host on the 10.0.0.x net would get the address
a query coming from any other host would get the address

Exporting the zone to a bind file, would just drop records with a non /0 notation.
Multiple records for a host with /0 would resolve the same as multiple "A" records now do. i.e. keep bind compliant

I expect that the bind stalwarts will not like these ideas, but I'm trying to suggest something which would enhance the product for the average network admin who's currently having to maintain 2 zones to deal with NAT and all the inherent dns issues it causes.