I am getting ready to implement some vlans in a school. I understand to use
IP helper on my router so I can lease IP's from a dhcp in one vlan to other
vlans. What I am unsure of is the config on the dhcp server itself on
NetWare 6.5.

I currently have 11 vlans. Each vlan will sitt in its own IP subnet. One
vlan is full class C network, the others are a /26 mask, so I have 62 hosts
in the 10 other vlans. My question is regarding the setup of my NetWare
6.5 DHCP server. Do I need to bind an IP on my dhcp server in each of those
11 subnets and create the appropriate address ranges? Or do I use the
subnet pool object? Any clearification on this would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Jared H.