We've never had DHCP and are now going to implement in conjunction with
installing ZENWorks. Before we begin I wanted to get some guidance.

Here is our environment. We have -

12 Field Offices over partial T1 WAN segments Each office has 15-20 PCs,
2-4 Printers, 1-3 Switches, and one router.

HQ Location that is the HUB for the WAN with a T1 to our IP. We host all
servers (10), have 20 switches, and two routers.

We have 4 Class B IP segments. Two are for our HQ location and the other
two are segmented for use at the 12 District Offices.

Here are my questions:

Do we need to place DHCP servers at each District Office location?

Or can the DHCP server be configured to "Hand Out" IP address segments to
the appropriate DO?

Do the DO Routers (all are cisco routers) need to be configured to "pass"
the segmented part of the appropriate IP address segment?