Greetings, I have set up a test NW6.5 SP3 server with DNS/DHCP and created a domain, I assigned to the server, and created an IN-ADDR-ARPA zone for I then set up DHCP for the subnet, and this worked. I then configured Dynamic DNS on the 1.0 subnet.

At first the Dynamic DNS was not working, and to get it working I had to create an IN-ADDR-ARPA zone for Then DDNS would bring the objects into the zone properly, however the IP address and PTR record appeared under the 192.168 IN-ADDR-ARPA zone, not the respective zone.

On the workstation I used nsloopup, and I would get an error "Can't find server name for" however I could ping the DNS server's name, and get a reply. In order to fix this I created an IN-ADDR-ARPA zone specifically for the DNS server's IP address DNS did work with only the zone, however the workstation did not see the default server properly when using nslookup until I created the zone.

I then assigned a secondary IP address to the server (, and created the Subnet 2.0 in DHCP. In this subnet I wanted to be able to assign addresses manually. I created the IN-ADDR-ARPA zone for,and created a manual assignment in the 2.0 subnet range for a PC. I tested the PC and the PC picked up the assignment, the Resource record was placed in the zone, however IP address, and PTR record were placed under the 192.168 zone and not the zone.

Why do I have to create an IN-ADDR-ARPA zone specifically for the server's IP address, in order for the workstation to identify the default server in NSLookup? Looks like IN-ADDR-ARPA)

Why do I have to create the zone (looks like 192.168(168.192 IN-ADDR-ARPA) in order to get Dynamic DNS to work, when I am using class C subnets, and have the corresponding zones configured for those subnets?

And finally, why does the Dynamic DNS place the IP addresses/PTR records of the acquired workstations into the zone and not the corresponding zone for the two subnets, and respectively? I must be missing something, or is this working as designed?

It is also possible I need to FDISK and start over, but thought I would ask these just in case there were legitimate reasons for the above.

Another annoyance is having to shut down, and restart DHCPSRVR each time I create a manual assignment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and any insight would be much appreciated.