We are currently in the proces off moving from Nw51 to Nw65SP3 and we want
to start using DNS as a clustered resource. We have moved the DHCP server
from nw51 to nw 65sp3 successfully (no errors).

However now I'm trying to install the first DNS server on Nw65 and it fails.
with the following error.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Starting eDirectory integrated Novell DNS Server...
critical: Unable to access RootServerInfo Object
critical: Unable to get RootServerInfo fdn with error 25
error: errno2result.c:121: unexpected error:
error: unable to convert errno to isc_result: 22: Bad or invalid handle
error: DNSTEST.db.jnl: open: unexpected error
error: zone DNSTEST/IN: journal rollforward failed: unexpected error
error: zone DNSTEST/IN: zone is not loaded unexpected error
Loading the configuration and zone data completed.
DNS Server running
__________________________________________________ _________________________
The error is correct because there is no rootserverinfo object. Reimporting
the rootsrv.dat does not reinstall the object, it gives the error code.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Import DNS:EDNS300
You did not enter a valid DNS BIND file. Enter a BIND formatted DNS file
__________________________________________________ ________________________

We are also missing DNIP attribute definitions in our schema, according to
TID 10092053 this could be caused by not properly extending the schema
What we do have in our schema is the class definition
dnipDNSDHCPServerVersion and this conflicts with the TID.

My question is, could a DNIPINST -F take care off the problems we
experience and will I have to recreate DHCP objects or does this switch do
what the TID says.
Has anyone done this before and what was the outcome.

Hoping for a soon answer.
Thanks in advance.