I'm not sure if this is DNS or DHCP related, but it sure seems that way.

DNS servers are 2 NetWare 6.5 sp3 boxes
DHCP server is a NetWare 6.0 sp5 box

Once or twice a day I get a calls from users that say they can't get to their personal directory on the NetWare server or some such access on the server. I go look at their machine and they have no drive mappings. I reboot it. It logs into the Tree just fine but it maps no drives. Runs though the login script very quickly but shows errors trying to map each drive.

If I do a ipconfig /release and a ipconfig /renew then log them out and log them back in the system maps drives and they get their profile just fine. If I delete their DNS entry and DHCP address and reboot their machine it works just fine. Its got to be related to DHCP / DNS some how I think. I just can't figure out how to fix the problem.

Anyone have any ideas?