We migrated a netware server from nw5.1SP8 to nw6.5sp3 with all
After the migration the named replies VERY slowly to all dns requests from
the clients.
When we try a ping to some external address, its only received at the
second attempt.

Forwarding DNS servers are configured (from the ISP).

In an Ethereal dump I can see, that ALL requests are answered after
rougly 30 seconds (e.g. ping makes 4 attempts, and the named sends replies
to all 4 requests, but only after 30 seconds)

I can also see, that the amount of data sent from the named is much more
detailed, than it is with the old named, the seems to request all
information from the authoritative dns servers of the requested domain,
and doesn't accept any accept information of any other dns server.

Is that behaviour configurable?

Any changes in options of the DNS servers makes no differences, as far as
I can see.



Any ideas?