A while back I found out how dns records get populated in dns database. Either on the client side, or by allowing the dhcp subnets to populate the zones..... The recipe was for dhcp clients though (see below) not static.

I have a new vlan, and they are not ready to do dhcp yet but are using our dns. So the clients are static - how do I get the clients to update the database when they are static?

This is what Brad wrote regarding dhcp clients updating zones?

>>In order for PCs to be able

to update their own records, you need to allow their subnet using the
network address/subnet mask combination, or you need to allow "any" to
update the zone.

Once your changes are in place: release the IP addresses from the
clients (pick one or two for testing); unload NAMED and DHCPSRVR; in
the Management Console, if the DHCP entries for hosts you released
still appear, delete them; reload NAMED and DHCPSRVR with appropriate
logging options; renew the leases at the clients. The DNS records
should appear almost immediately in the MC, although you may need to
click the Refresh Tree button to get them to show.